The French Alps / August 2012

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The name is thomas.
I'm a designer, photographer and front end developer.

I'm currently working on a number of projects as a freelance designer. My work is usually based on the internet, however I do dabble. I've studied at both Bournemouth Arts Insitute and Falmouth University, graduating in 2011 with a degree in graphic design from the latter. I am passionate about making the world more accessible, beautiful and friendly to all of its inhabitants, human or not. I don't stop learning, dreaming or breathing. I live for design, travel and adventures.

Figure Nine

Figure Nine wanted to express their personality and versatility to stand out from other rope access companies. They have superb experience from working with the BBC in rainforests, climbing down waterfalls in Guyana to working on inner city commercial projects. They wanted to keep their professionalism but also push into new areas, such as working with film crews to access remote locations.

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PCIB Insurance

PCIB needed to be brought up to modern web standards and connect with the ever increasing use of smart phones and tablets. The small conservative company wanted to stick close to their roots, so I developed this clean look that works responsively across all platforms.

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Matthew Somerville

Matthew is a great photographer who works commercially and independantly on a number of projects. He needed to showcase his commercial work for prospective clients but incorporate the depth and detail of his documentary work.

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C&Y Typography

Based on Helvetica, C&Y is personal illustrative journey to make helvetica more beautiful whilst keeping its superb structural form.